Here are some frequently asked questions...

Q: How do you define a "qualified" lead?

We only charge for leads with a strong likelihood of becoming a sale. And we will always have a discussion with you regarding 'quality'.  Also, we always toss out wrong numbers, marketing calls, competitors, general info calls, etc.


Q: Are you selling these same leads to my competitors as well?

NO! Many lead generation companies like HomeAdvisor, ThumbTack and Angie's List, all count on selling their leads to multiple companies. So you could have 5 or 10 competitors getting the same access to the same leads.  We don't EVER do that.  We work with one client per industry in a geographic area.  We will never work with even two within 75 miles of each other and certainly would never work with 5 or 10.


Q: How much do you charge per lead?

Such a tough question to answer.  It really depends on your industry.  Each industry has a certain level of competition and deal value.  We adjust accordingly.  We never want to charge too much because we really want our leads to be the best investment you have when you look at ROI.


Q: What techniques are you using to generate these leads?

We use many different methods to generate leads.  We can't reveal too much - but we use the internet, social media, and some old school contact methods to bolster your visibility and reputation with your potential audience of customers.  We don't do anything that would be shady or 'black hat'.  Our goal is clean, happy transactions.


Q: I already have a "web guy/gal".  Will You be competing with his/her services?

Not at all.  Your 'web gal' probably built you a gorgeous website.  We're not going to mess with that or your relationship with them.  We do something to run parallel to your current online marketing.


Q: Will I be able to review and track these leads as they come in?

Absolutely!  We want you to get confirmation that we're doing our part.  So we record every call for you and send you notices by email (or text if you'd like) of every call that we route to you.  You can monitor in real time and even listen to the calls to see if your employees are doing a good job at taking care of these new, potential customers.


Q: Is there any long-term contract I'll be signing?

Nope.  We believe that our service will impress you.  We don't need or want to corner you into a long-term, sticky contract.  All we want is for you to make so much money that you look at our service with a smile on your face.  If you're ever in a position where you want to sever the relationship, we ask for 30 days notice.  That's it.


Q: When will my phone start to ring?

Sometimes we can create calls for you in a few hours.  If your type of business requires us to do a little research and additional setup, we could get you on a pile of new client calls in less than a week.  Seldom does it take longer than that.  But, if we see anything that would be tough for us, we would let you know right away.