Review of Three Great Restaurants in Portland, Maine by Portland Hood Cleaning Pros

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Portland Maine Restaurant TraditionalTed Arcand first dreamed of opening a restaurant in 1987 while sitting on a beach in Martha’s Vineyard watching the sunset.  He told his best friend that one day he was going to open a restaurant and call it Dogfish Bar and Grill.

Dogfish Market came into being in 1995 in the West End of Portland, Maine, where they were open seven days a week from early morning to late evening.  They had a booming beverage catering service and specialized in training bartenders.

Ted wanted to expand his venture so in 2003 opened the Dogfish Café in the Portland neighborhood of St. John.  While the Cafe was small it soon took off with locals and visitors alike.  In 2006, Ted opened the Dogfish Bar & Grille on 128 Free Street.

The Dogfish empire continues to grow with their catering business.  The Dogfish Bar & Grille enjoys a four and one-half star rating with over one hundred and sixty positive posts on the world wide web.

414 Fore Street, where Central Provisions is located, has a long history going back into the 1800’s.  It was built by the East India Trading company to bring into the United States items like opium, indigo dye, salt, cotton, saltpeter, silk and tea.  It was designed to allow ships to pull alongside the building to unload their goods.Portland Maine Restaurant Image

East India Trade Company closed in 1874 so the building has several tenants throughout the years.  There was a huge fire in 1866 that burned down almost one third of the downtown area.  The 414 Fore Street brick building proved to be a stronger structure and suffered only minor damage.

Paige and Chris Gould fell in love with the building and could not resist using it for their restaurant, Central Provisions.  They hired local talent to create the unique interior.  One of the brothers was a blacksmith and the other was a woodworker.  They reclaimed as much local material they could to build the stools, tables and chairs.

With over eight hundred reviews on the internet, one can see that they strive to bring the best food and service to their clientele.  They have been listed as one of the best restaurants in America.

Portland Maine Restaurant FoodHot Suppa was established in 2006 by two brothers that grew up in Portland, Maine.  They chose to put their restaurant in Portland’s West End 1860Victorian brick building.  The restaurant has high ceilings, original molding and brick walls.

Their adventure began in 2004 when they decided to travel across the United States on a food tour.  They found restaurants that were out-of-the-way, and they sampled homemade recipes from barbecue to soul food.  They talked to the owners, managers and employees to find out what they did to become an institution in their town.

Their food is simple and affordable like fried chicken and waffles to their falafel salad to fresh Maine oysters on a half shell.  They have over one thousand evaluations online give them over a four and one-half rating.

Portland Hood Cleaning Pros has been cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Portland, Maine and surrounding areas for years.  Portland, Maine is the largest city in Maine that supports the largest port in Maine.  It is estimated there is a population of around five hundred thousand in the metropolitan area.  That means lots of restaurants which keeps Portland Hood Cleaning Pros busy.